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Texts Required

PSM texts are shown below, or you may use the PSM Text PDF file.  This file shows the same information.  

Students should check with the instructor prior to purchasing any books. If you purchase books early and do not check with the instructor, Public Safety Management will not be responsible if you purchase the wrong books. Site Coordinators can provide you contact information for the instructor.

PSM 302      Ethics

Lofthouse, C., Peterson, M., Ethics for Public Safety (cuurent ed.) Kendall Hunt. ISBN: 9781465253460

PSM 305      Developing a Personal Philosophy of Leadership

Hartman, T., The People Code, Scribner. ISBN: 9781416542308

Hesselbein, F., Goldsmith, M., Leader of the Future 2. Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9780787986674

2001 (current ed.).  Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Washington, DC 20002. ISBN: 978-1433805615

Aaron, J. E. (current ed.) The Little Brown Compact Handbook, Pearson Education. ISBN: 0-2056-5163-1

PSM 316      Applications of Technical Writing

Markel, M. (current ed.) Technical Communication, St. Martin’s Press. ISBN: 978-03126-79484

Aaron, J. E. (current ed.) The Little Brown Compact Handbook Pearson Education. ISBN: 0-2056-5163-1

PSM 332      Labor Relations for Fire and Emergency Services

Carrell, M., Heavrin, C., Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining: Private and Public Sector (current ed.) Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780132730013                            

PSM 360      Personnel Systems for Fire and Emergency Services                         

Edwards, S.T. (2010), Fire Service Personnel Management (current ed.) Pearson – Prentice Hall. ISBN: 13-9780135126776                                             

PSM 365      Grant and Proposal Writing for Public Safety

Browning, B. (current ed.) Grant writing for dummies IDG Books Worldwide. ISBN: 0-7645-8416-2       

PSM 383      Data Interpretation for Public Safety

Moore, D.S. (current ed.)  The Basic Practices of Statistics W.H. Freeman. ISBN: 9781429224260     

PSM 387      Fiscal Aspects of Public Safety

DC Aronson, D.C., & Schwartz, J.E. International City Managers Association (current ed).  Management policies in local government finance.  Washington. ISBN: 978-0-87326-765-6

PSM 388      Political and Legal Foundations of Fire and Emergency Services

West, G., Legal Aspects of Emergency Services (2016) Jones and Bartlett. ISBN: 9781284068276       

PSM 390       Governmental Aspects of Public Safety

Magleby, D B. & Light, P.C. (14th ed.).  State and local politics:  Government by the people, Pearson Education. ISBN: 13-9780205746637                                  

PSM 398      Risk Reduction for Fire and Emergency Services

Kipp, J. D. & Loflin, M. E. (current ed.) Emergency incident risk management: A safety & health perspective Van Nostrand Reinhold. ISBN: 0-442-01926-2                   

PSM 403      EMS Education

Foundation of Education: An EMS Approach (current ed.) NAEMSE. ISBN: 9781111134884

PSM 404      EMS Communication

Lindsay, J.T., EMS Communication and Information Technology. Brady Publishing. ISBN: 9780132607018

PSM 406      Management of EMS

Evans, B., Dyar, J., Management of EMS, Brady Publishing. ISBN: 9780132324328

PSM 407       EMS Public Information

Mund, E.L., & Lindsay, J.T., EMS Public Information and Community Relations. ISBN: 978-0135074633   

PSM 421      Professional Development

Kastros, A. Mastering the fire service assessment center, Penn Well Publishing Company. ISBN: 1-59370-077-5

The Passion of Command; The Moral Imperative of Leadership. Marine Corps Association. ISBN: 9780940328372                                                                                                  

PSM 423      Community Risk Reduction (reference only, not required)

Emdad Haque and David Etkin, Disaster Risk and Vulnerability - Mitigation through Mobilizing Communities and Partnerships, McGill-Queen’s University Press. ISBN: 9780773539921

PSM 425      Fire and Emergency Services Governance and Administration

Carter, & Rausch. (2008). Management in the fire service. National Fire Protection Association (current ed.).  ISBN: 0-7637-5169-3. NFPA #MFS08.

PSM  350, 450      Independent Study Classes

2001 (current ed.).  Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association Washington, DC 20002. ISBN: 978-1433805615

Aaron, J. E. (current ed.) The Little Brown Compact Handbook, Pearson Education. ISBN: 0-2056-5163-1