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Aubrey Grassly

student photoWhat is your area of study?

I am studying Interior Design. I will graduate with my degree after Spring 2014.

You have put so much time and energy into your education and towards earning a degree. Now that you’ve almost earned it, how will it enable you to make a difference in your field?

I hope to obtain a job as soon as possible after graduation. I am hoping to work under an architect to expand my knowledge of the field. With the knowledge I have gained at SIU, I can bring fresh and new ideas to the table.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I hope to help people design spaces to make them feel comfortable - whether commercial or residential. I also hope to have my own design and landscaping firm.

How will you help “change the world” so to speak?

I would like to "change the world" by bringing new forms of technology into interior design to help with energy costs and improving quality of living.

What first interested you in the SIU School of Architecture and why did you choose SIU instead of another school?

SIU was my only choice when looking into college. Both of my parents attended and received degrees from SIU.

What have you learned about yourself based on your experiences in the School of Architecture?

I have learned a lot about myself during my journey in the School of Architecture. The biggest thing I’ve discovered is that I am capable of a lot more then I ever imagined. I think the connections and friendships I've built have been a huge factor in my success.

Tell me about your activities in the School of Architecture.

I am the vice president of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and will become the president next year. This has helped me in so many ways: it gives me a chance to network with professionals as well as representatives in the field. I also really enjoy being able to give advice and help first and second year students starting out in the program.