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Lauren Craig

Class of 2006

lauren craig in a black dress

In 2006 Lauren Craig graduated from Southern with a Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a Minor in Marketing. In September 2011 Lauren opened Eccentrics Boutique located at 308 West Plaza Drive in Carterville, Illinois (https://eccentricsboutique.com/).


Lauren says of her time at SIU, “The Fashion Merchandising degree provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to open my own boutique.  I especially loved the course where I went to New York.  It was a great experience for a small-town girl!  My internship was also a valuable experience that provided a hands-on learning.  I would highly recommend the Fashion Merchandising Program at SIU-C!”


Lauren also says that one of her fondest memories of the Fashion Design and Merchandising program at SIU was the end of the year fashion show. The fashion show benefited her current endeavors because she recognizes all the hard work and skills required to put together the show and Eccentrics Boutique has provided several fashion shows for in the community.