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Undergraduate Programs

The mission of the School of Architecture is to achieve and maintain nationally and internationally recognized excellence in education, research, and creative activities; to help shape, as well as serve the students of the School, the people of our region, the distinct disciplines and allied professions of architecture, fashion design and merchandising, and interior design, and to contribute to the intellectual and creative purposes of the University.

The SIUC School of Architecture fosters academic experiences that provide grounded foundations and prepare our talented and high-achieving students for life-long career journeys in our allied art and design disciplines. Our undergraduate programs gear students for multiple pathways toward long-term success, be it to fulfill their initial professional career goals or to lead toward advanced higher education opportunities. Our graduates are well prepared for their chosen professions and are sought after by design industry employers, while many of our students also effectively progress into graduate school placement to gain higher academic credentials in their specialized fields.

We pride ourselves in our intellectual strengths and skills-based knowledge at multiple levels in enabling our students as emerging design professionals for 21st century practice. Here, in the School of Architecture, we strive toward creative and academic excellence in all we do to guide our students to become design leaders who are at once skilled, competent, responsive, reflective, effective, and transformative agents toward elevating the overall human and socio-environmental condition and thus making our world a better place for all. Our faculty are some of the top creative practitioners and scholarly researchers in their disciplines, and we are proud to provide the kind of insight and capacities that will advance our students' prospects to become productive members of our greater professional design communities: