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Tau Sigma Delta Honors Society

Thirty-two students of the SIU School of Architecture were inducted into the inaugural class of the Delta Beta chapter of Tau Sigma Delta, the honors society for architecture and allied arts, on March 28.  SIU formed its chapter in 2012, making this group of students our first members.  Tau Sigma Delta recognizes achievement in the study of architecture and the allied arts.  This is the national group's 100th anniversary year.  There are 77 chapters of Tau Sigma Delta throughout the United States.

SIU Chancellor Dr. Rita Cheng, Dr. Andy Wang, Dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, and Dr. Walter V. Wendler, Director of the School of Architecture, conferred this honor to our deserving students.  An excellent speech was delivered by Dr. Lori Merrill-Fink about the importance of excellence and creative thinking for success in study.  Reference to the book "The War of Art" motivated all of us to think about diligence and hard work and their relationship to creativity and success.  Thanks to the efforts of Jasmine Winters, Keith McQuarrie, and Nadine Wojnarowski, a good time was experienced by all.   Shannon McDonald is the faculty advisor for the chapter. 

Dr. Walter V. Wendler, Director of the School of Architecture at SIUDr. Rita Cheng, SIU ChancellorProfessor Shannon McDonald, Faculty Advisor, Tau Sigma Delta

Dr. Walter V. Wendler, Director, SIU School of Architecture (left), Dr. Rita Cheng, SIU Chancellor (middle), and Dr. Lori Merril-Fink, speaker (right), at Tau Sigma Delta's induction ceremony.

Tau Sigma Delta inductee Dhay Aldhawyan 

Dhay Aldhawyan, senior in architecture and Tau Sigma Delta inductee (middle).

We congratulate all of the 2013 inductees!

Tau Sigma Delta 2013 Inductees

  • Dhay I. Aldhawyan
  • Jose E. Martinez
  • Timothy P. Shotts
  • Taylor N. Behl
  • April Y. McCreary
  • Katie E. Schwebel
  • Alan Cation
  • Abraham Melendez
  • Danielle R. Sheley
  • Chun-Chien Chang
  • Brittney N. Mount
  • Phyllis E. Smith
  • Megan N. Crider
  • Lara K. Murray
  • Amanda Steiskal
  • Sabrina L. Dobrinick
  • Jordan G. Nelken
  • Lani L. Walker
  • Tyler M. Dunahee
  • Matthew P. Ollmann
  • Sean T. Williamson
  • Shelby P. Gifford
  • Donald J. Olsen
  • Jessica S. Wilson
  • Zane M. Honzel
  • Jillian M. Porter
  • Leslee A. Wodrich
  • Alaina E. Howard
  • Meagan E. Radloff
  • Michael Young
  • Kara E. Hunt
  • Ashley E. Rickard