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Gallery Renovations - Quigley Hall

The Gallery in Quigley Hall

The Gallery, affectionately referred to as “the fishbowl” by architecture faculty and students, was renovated in the summer of 2013. Modifications to the Gallery included removal of outdated acoustical lay-in ceiling tiles and inadequate fluorescent lighting, updates to the project display system, modernization of the kitchen, and other energy efficient upgrades.

All of the structural members, ductwork, electric and service utilities were blacked out, and state-of-the-art lighting was installed. The panel display system devised by Professor Wessel was refitted with new hangars, and was integrated with the new lighting system to highlight various pieces of work.

The plastic vertical blinds on the east facing wall were replaced by shades, effectively reducing both direct sunlight and heat gain in the gallery space, while providing some transparency from inside to outside during the day and from outside to inside after dark. General gallery illumination was also replaced with motion sensitive switches for maximum energy efficiency.

The Gallery renovations have created a very positive center for the School of Architecture that will be available for the display of faculty and student work on an ongoing basis.

Plant and Service Operations coordinated the Gallery renovations, and the Graduate Architecture program contributed resources to help purchase the new lighting system.