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Architecture and Interior Design Build Day 2013

Think architecture and interior design students learn to draw but never get to actually build anything?  This is not so for students in Professor Chad Schwartz's ARC/ID 224 class!  On April 11, students from these classes put their drawings to the test by building full-size sections of their designs from the class.  In ARC/ID 224, the first in a series of three building technology courses at SIU, students learn the principles of wood frame construction.  On Build Day, they execute the work they have been drawing and modeling all semester.  This allows students to experience first-hand the successes (and failures) of their design work!  

Aerial Image of Students Working in the Quigley Courtyard

Aerial Shot of Students at Work in the Quigley Courtyard

Closer view of students working on their building project

Another view of the work underway!

This is the second year that sophomore students in the architectural studies and interior design programs have put their skills to the test.   Chad Schwartz is the professor for ARC-ID 242.  

Students hard at work in ARC-ID 242 Students hard at work in ARC-ID 242. ARC-ID 242 TA Chris Pacanowksi

Left-to-right:  Students work on framing, Lemar Bond swinging away, and course TA Chris Pacanowski.