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Online Master of Architecture

Extending the capacities of our already-grounded Masters of Architecture program, the online/hybrid Master of Architecture format incorporates a cohort-based education model, which promotes multi-regional, critical and collaborative dialog on key subjects shaping our profession, while also fostering professional networking and common interest exchange. The delivery format is structured for working professionals in architecture (see Program Format below), which opens affordable avenues to gain additional training and education, while allowing them to continue to support their own families and careers in process. While together pursuing advanced academic and professional credentials, participants will be encouraged to use synchronous online virtual meeting platforms, discussion threads, email, social media, shared file exchange, and messaging to interact with each other, their professors, as well as outside stakeholders and professional reviewers. This exemplar model for transformative education can bridge complex problem-solving capacities across multiple geographic regions and professional bearings, while building significant working relationships needed to address the challenges of our age. 


Please review our admission page for more detailed information and the outlined requirements for the Master’s program. From there, students can find information about the admissions process and then apply directly to SIUC and the Master of Architecture program via the supplied link to the online application process through the Graduate School Admissions website, wherein candidates can specify which program path (on-campus, online/hybrid, or IPAL) they intend to participate. Please carefully review all required materials to be submitted to the School of Architecture. The admission requirements for both the on-campus and online Master of Architecture program paths are identical admissions processes, while the IPAL option has additional criteria. Additional information for the program can be found in the SIUC Graduate Catalog.

This program offers enrollment in the fall and summer semesters. Part-time enrollment is available, though students are cautioned that course sequencing and prerequisites may mean a delay of a year while waiting for a course to be scheduled again.


The online program consists of the same curricular format and courses as our on-campus program wherein the traditional semester-based timeframe is used in this program. However, this format predominantly utilizes distance education methods and learning platforms with limited and managed campus-based instruction to help students earn the 42 graduate credit hours required for the Master of Architecture degree over a period of 16 months (or longer depending on individual student needs and course load). While primarily a distance education experience, some courses will utilize on-campus and in-situ studio and/or fieldwork sessions. These sessions are generally conducted on weekends, not more than one weekend per month. We utilize Virtual Meeting Platforms (e.g. Zoom, Teams, D2L, etc) and foster direct and synchronous interaction with faculty and student design teams to greatly reduce the need to come to campus more regularly. However, some studio activities are conducted face-to-face to facilitate essential dialog and engagement. 

Each term includes a six-hour studio course. There are six 3-credit hour lecture or seminar classes. All courses last a full term. At any given point in the program, students are actively completing a studio and two lecture courses (except in the summer term when only a studio course is completed). Students who begin in the fall of one year may complete the program in December of the following year, or in May two years after their start date, depending on course load. SIUC offers graduation ceremonies in both semesters, and we encourage online students to attend graduation, if possible.


The cost for the online Master of Architecture program is determined by SIU’s Off-Campus tuition and fee structure. Please refer to the Off-Campus Tuition and Fees Calculator for additional information. Some courses will require the purchase of additional materials. Please estimate the travel costs of attending up to three weekend-long studio intensives in the first two semesters of the program. The closest major airport is St. Louis, MO (airport code: STL). Some visits occur at an education site in St. Louis, instead of Carbondale, to minimize travel time and costs for students. An option to stay in the dorms on the campus where we meet is available to further control costs of these visits. 

For 2020, College Values Online listed the SIU online Master of Architecture program as one of its Top Ten Values in Online Architectural Education. Since there is no concept of residency for online programs at SIUC, as all students in the Master of Architecture pay the equivalent of the in-state tuition rate. Financial aid and scholarships may be available. Please visit the SIU Financial Aid website for more information.


The Master of Architecture degree at SIUC is fully accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) as a first professional degree in architecture. The online Master of Architecture program may be your key to fulfilling the education requirement for an NAAB-accredited degree program in architecture, while continuing your professional practice experience. It meets the education requirements that lead to becoming an NCARB certified and state licensed architect in U.S. states and territories and the provinces of Canada. Always check with your local jurisdiction to verify all requirements to become a licensed architect, including any changes it makes to the education requirement.


For questions, or to request more information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture and Academic Advisor, Dr. Rolando Gonzalez, at or (618) 453-3734.


View the Graduate Catalog for more information about the University and Graduate School’s policies and requirements.

For additional information regarding other online programs, go to the Office of Extended Campus.