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Non-Declared Graduate Requirements

Non-Declared Graduate [to fulfill EESA-NCARB requirements]

The online capacities have also served well in helping candidates to fulfill NCARB Education Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA) requirements for professional practice courses through additional and supplemental non-degree seeking coursework. For general information about professional careers in architecture and to see what qualifications are needed for EESA requirements in relation, candidates should first visit the National Council for Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and National Architectural Accreditation Boards (NAAB) listed below: 


Education Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA). 

Within the School of Architecture MASTERS DEGREE PROGRAM, two courses are offered to fulfill the NAAB Student Performance Criteria (SPC D1, D2, D3, D4, D5) for these subject areas:

ARC 591 - Architectural Professional Practice I - 3 Credit Hours

Introduction to the organization, management, and practice of architecture as a business and profession. Emphasis is placed on the range of services provided, professional ethics, business management, marketing, contacts, and negotiations, design cost analysis/controls, and other aspects of professional practice. Restricted to enrollment in M. Arch. Program.

ARC 592 - Architectural Professional Practice II - 3 Credit Hours

The development of the study and discussion of architectural professional practice issues including leadership, legal responsibilities, ethics and professional judgment. Prerequisite: None. Restricted to enrollment in M. Arch. Program.

For information and application on the Non-Declared Admissions Process through the SIUC Graduate School, please visit the SIUC GRADUATE SCHOOL website.