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Course Schedule

Shown is the normal schedule for courses by location. The course schedule is subject to change. Check with the Program Advisor for any last minute changes that have not been posted here. Courses are listed according to the semester in which they are offered at each location.

See Schedule of Class meeting dates for the exact class dates.


Spring 2018
Summer 2019
Fall 2020

Summer 2018
Fall 2019
Spring 2021

Fall 2018
Spring 2020
Summer 2021

Spring 2019
Summer 2020
Fall 2017


FSM 501
FSM 504
FSM 507

FSM 502
FSM 509
FSM 511

FSM 510
FSM 506
FSM 503

FSM 500
FSM 505
FSM 508

* FSM 512 is taught in all semesters.

* Courses in bold will be taught fully in the online format.