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PROFILE | Julius Mitchell

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What is your area of study?
I have already earned my bachelors degree and am now working on a Master of Architecture degree.

You have put so much time and energy into your education and towards earning a degree. Now that you’ve almost earned it, how will it enable you to make a difference in your field?
I am African and Native American and both groups make up less than 1 to 3 percent of the licensed architecture community in the United States. Once I become licensed, I will be able to aid other architects, minority groups, and communities with architecture developments that can improve their way of life.

What first interested you in the SIU School of Architecture and why did you choose SIU instead of another school?
I actually chose this school because of its location and based on a recommendation from an Alumni.

What has been your greatest challenge in the program and how did you overcome it?
My main challenge was learning how to better manage my time.

What have you learned about yourself based on your experiences in the School of Architecture?
While I love challenges, I learned that I should not jump into every challenge that comes along.

Have you started working on any research projects?
My thesis is about biomechanical energy harvest in the urban fabric. It is basically using energy harvested from exercise gyms, sidewalks, and other human activity to satisfy human’s electricity needs.

What is your advice to students who may be thinking about applying to the Master of Architecture Program?
There aren't really too many ways to prepare for the entirety of design programs. My best advice for any student is to learn the tools for doing this type of work as early as possible. That means learning about the software you’ll be using and brushing up on your drafting and hand-drawing skills. This, I believe, will give students the flexibility they need to be successful.