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PROFILE | Andrew Ewing

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What is Your Area of Study?
I have already earned an Associates of Science in Pre-Engineering from Lakeland Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from SIU. I am currently working toward a Master of Architecture degree.

What do you hope to do with your degree?
I hope to become a licensed architect working out of central Illinois. One of my long-term goals would be to own my own architecture firm.

What first interested you in the SIU School of Architecture and why did you choose SIU instead of another school?
When I took a tour to visit the undergrad program, I was very impressed with the faculty members. They genuinely seemed to care and take an interest in the student’s projects. I came to graduate school here because of the relationships I had developed with classmates and faculty. I felt the program had enhanced both my design and technical skills.  The program is fast paced - taking 15 months - rather than the two years most programs require.

Have you started working on any research projects?
My thesis project focuses on urban redevelopment in the St. Louis area.

What is your advice to students who may be thinking about applying to the Master of Architecture Program?
This major requires a lot of work and takes up a lot of time. If a student is willing to work hard and make a few sacrifices this goal is possible to achieve. A lot of people think this major requires a high level of math skills and requires the student to be an excellent speaker or great designer. I would say architecture is really about passion. If you are focused and work hard, success will follow.