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The School of Architecture strives to achieve and maintain education, research, and creative excellence, to serve and transform our society and communities, to nurture the environment, to build our professional bearings, and catalyze our aspirations, skills, and knowledge for toward the greater public good and its well-being.

We are proud of our broad-based program with emphases on:

  • transformative urban design and community development
  • architecture of the Mississippi Delta and Heartland region
  • critical engagement, multiregional dialog and global practice
  • the development of technical skills and performance-driven design
  • social and environmentally responsive architecture

The Master of Architecture degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a combined Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a graduate professional program leading to the accredited Master of Architecture degree. We take great pride in our program as all courses are taught by expert, skilled, and experienced instructors specializing in their subjects, with upper and masters courses being taught by practiced and licensed professional architects.

A significant aspect of the program is that students come from a wide range of experience levels and geographic regions, from recent graduates to already state registered and practicing architects, who learn together as cohorts through collaborative and multidimensional problem-solving, critical thinking, and interactive discourse. The curriculum further integrates coursework to foster increased dialog and depth of content in key areas, particularly when engaging complex and comprehensive projects.

The Master’s program also engages in-depth research studio- and thesis-based work, wherein students can customize and amplify their education experiences through the development of individual architectural projects augmented by selected seminars and interdisciplinary courses, which further build expertise toward professional career goals. Design as a form of leadership is essential to our approach to education excellence.


Please review our admission page for more detailed information and the outlined requirements for the Master’s program. From there, students can find information about the admissions process and then apply directly to SIUC and the Master of Architecture program via the supplied link to the online application process through the Graduate School Admissions website, wherein candidates can specify which program path (on-campus, online/hybrid, or IPAL) they intend to participate. Please carefully review all required materials to be submitted to the School of Architecture.  The admission requirements for both the on-campus and online Master of Architecture program paths are identical admissions processes, while the IPAL option has additional criteria.  Additional information for the program can be found in the SIUC Graduate Catalog. Please review all degree paths as listed in the catalog and outlined below. 


The School of Architecture – MASTER’S OF ARCHITECTURE DEGREE PROGRAM offers multiple paths (on-campus and online/hybrid delivery options) toward degree completion, depending on entry qualifications and degree needs: 

Master of Architecture [Pre-professional Degree + 42 credits]
Students who have completed a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies or its equivalent are placed in the 15-month track consisting of courses taken in four consecutive semesters starting in the summer term, a 4+2 program. This allows a student to complete the Master of Architecture degree in as little as 15 months.

Master of Architecture [Accredited Interior Design Degree + 70 credits]
Students who have completed a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design or its equivalent are placed in the 27-month program. These students must take a portion of the undergraduate curriculum in addition and prerequisite to the full graduate curriculum.

Master of Architecture [Non-Pre-professional Degree + 109 credits]
Students from other four-year degree areas are placed in the 39-month program. These students complete a significant portion of the undergraduate curriculum in addition and prerequisite to the graduate curriculum.

Master of Architecture [Pre-professional Degree + IPAL option 43 credits]
The online IPAL Master of Architecture program is designed for architecture professionals seeking an accredited professional degree and Licensure that qualifies for National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) certification. Architect Record Examinations (A.R.E.) are planned to be taken and completed in conjunction with the program.

Non-Declared Graduate [to fulfill EESA-NCARB requirements]
The online capacities have also served well in helping candidates to fulfill NCARB Education Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA) requirements for professional practice courses through non-degree seeking coursework. To apply, visit the SIUC GRADUATE SCHOOL.


As defined by our accrediting body (NAAB), “ […] Master of Architecture degree programs may consist of a pre-professional undergraduate degree and a professional graduate degree that, when earned sequentially, constitute an accredited professional education.”

 National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) Statement and Information:


The School of Architecture at SIU has established a Studio Culture Policy in an effort to preserve studios as productive work environments in which students cultivate the professional conduct expected in the practice of architecture. All students must adhere to these policies.


For more information about the program or to request information, contact:

Rolando Gonzalez-Torres, PhD - Head of Graduate Architecture Programs
SIU School of Architecture
410 Quigley Hall
Mailcode 4337
875 S. Normal Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901-4303
Phone: 618-453-1982
Fax: 618-453-1129

Craig K. Anz, PhD - Interim Director, School of Architecture
SIU School of Architecture
413 Quigley Hall
Mailcode 4337
875 S. Normal Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901-4303
Phone: 618-453-3734
Fax: 618-453-1129

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