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Dr. Siwon Cho

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Siwon Cho, Ph.D., received her bachelor's degree in clothing and textiles from Southern Illinois University; her master's degree in clothing and textiles from Virginia Tech; and doctoral degree in apparel business and economics analysis from Virginia Tech. 


Dr. Cho conducts research in the areas of consumer behavior, fashion marketing, and apparel retailing. Her research has been published in leading academic journals. She was the recipient of the Paper of Distinction Award, International Textile & Apparel Association (Consumer Behavior Track in 2012; Pedagogy Track in 2015); the Best Paper Award, Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal (Apparel, Textiles, & Merchandising Track in 2012), which was reported as the 3rd most downloaded article on Wiley Online Library in 2015.  


Dr. Cho teaches three FDM courses each semester, and her core area of teaching is Fashion Merchandising. 

· FDM 101 Careers in Fashion
· FDM 102 Basic Principles of Clothing Design (Fall 2009)
· FDM 241 Textiles I
· FDM 340 Textiles II
· FDM 342 Fashion Product Analysis (Spring 2010)
· FDM 381 Fashion Merchandising Mathematics
· FDM 442 Textile and Apparel Economics
· FDM 482 Fashion Merchandising
· FDM 497 Practicum (Fall 2012)

She was the recipient of the School of Architecture Teacher of the Year Award at Southern Illinois University in 2013. 


Dr. Cho has provided service to the school, college, university, profession and community. She is the co-advisor of student RSO, Fashion Design & Merchandising Association (2010-); the co-chair of Consumer Behavior Track in the Conference Abstract and Paper Review Committee, International Textile and Apparel Association (2016-2019).