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Shannon McDonald

Associate Professor

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137 Quigley
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AT SIU since 2011

Research  Interests:

As an associate architecture professor at Southern Illinois University Professor McDonalds' research and areas of interest are with emerging movement technologies and their impact on the built environment. We are currently going through a period of transportation changes and how we move through space. These changes provide us with new options for designing our places of living to become more sustainable and accessible for all. Energy, sustainability, movement, urban design, planning, transportation and architecture are now merging into new realities.

Professor McDonald has taught at many Universities around the country exploring these issues, writing extensively on this topic and has written a book: The Parking Garage: Design and Evolution of a Modern Urban Form. An exhibit based on the book was on display at the National Building Museum. She has also practiced architecture with a focus on public buildings.  She is licensed in four states, LEED and NCARB certified.

Read additional information at Professor McDonald's website.  

Special Projects:

  • Cairo Youth Build Grant
  • RBF Dome Home


  • Yale University, Master of Architecture, 1992
  • Maryland Institute of Art, Master of Fine Arts, 1980
  • Towson State University, Bachelor of Science in Art Teacher Education and Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 1976


  • ARC 551 Comprehensive Masters Studio
  • ARC 502-953 Architecture Seminar: Architecture/Parking/Community Visions: Emerging Transportation Technologies and Sustainability 
  • ARC/ID 481 Environmental Design II- Energy and Systems
  • ARC 451 Integrated 4th Year Design Studio
  • ARC 434 Preservation Field Studies